Project Management Software

What Is Ubuntu Project Management Software?

Ubuntu -- African for "Humanity for others" or, more loosely, "I am who I am because of who we all are" -- on the surface, it may seem like quite a strange name for a software company, but once you delve in to what the company stands for, their business philosophy, you will see that they do indeed live up to their name.

Now, you may be wondering what Ubuntu is and why what they do is important to so many others? The answers here are quite simple: Ubuntu is basically an operating system that was arranged by a community for a community -- their software is always updated with state of the art information and designs and their products, such as the Ubuntu Project Management software are top notch... and the best part about Ubuntu, is that all of their products and security are always free. "Humanity for others."

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You may not realize how free software, like the Ubuntu project management software, can be an example of "humanity for others", but when you consider the state of the economy today and how many people are struggling just to make ends meet, having a quality company offering free operating systems, security updates and support, then you can kind of get the idea.

Just picture someone who has been laid off from their job, someone who has a great idea for a consulting home business but in order to get up and running on the Internet, they need certain software products.

Under normal circumstances, and from just about every company under the sun, these programs would cost quote a bit of money by the time they are all in place, in that case, the business idea may just fade away. With Ubuntu, however, this person can download all the software they might need in order to help them run their business from home including Ubuntu project management software for project planning, workflows and time-sheets, email applications and word processing -- just to name a few.

Since these applications are all free, they can really help give the person in our example the motivation to succeed by not having to worry about where the extra money for a software programs will come from. "Humanity for others".

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