Project Management Software

Merlin Project Management Software Will Help You Stand Out In The Crowd

Today's business climate is even more competitive than it was in the past. New tools are needed to keep up with the changes and keep our businesses ahead of the game. Merlin Project Management Software offers an innovative and easy to use way to keep your projects on track and on budget, while maintaining an employee atmosphere that is fulfilling and easy to understand.

Let's imagine that you're in the business of building. You are construction contractors, to be more specific. There aren't as many jobs to bid, and the ones that are out there are even harder to get. You need to stand out in the crowd to begin with. Merlin Project Management Software starts with a pre-planning stage. In this stage, you will be defining the problem and mapping out how you plan on solving it for your client.

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Your team will be able to quickly recognize potential problems in this planning stage, saving you and your client valuable time and resources. Because the individual contractors can visually see where they fit into the picture, the collaboration will become cohesive from the beginning.

The next step will be organizing and presenting the information you have compiled. Using Mind Map, included in Merlin Project Management Software, you can easily identify the specific tasks that comprise the project and see how they relate to each other. Again, this is done very visually, with charts and graphics.

These visuals are also available to take directly to management or a client and will export directly to applications such as PowerPoint. The odds are that most contractors bidding the job will not have such an impressive presentation and you will claim the advantage of the first impression.

Because the client can easily see every step in the process, they can assess the risks and anticipate the final expense much more easily.

Once you have received the job and you have the green light to begin, the program makes sure that tasks are prioritized and a work timeline is created. This will break down every piece of the puzzle in completing the job. Every subcontractor, from concrete to roofing, will know where they fit into the process.

Less time will be wasted in explaining and testing each step. In the event of an absence, it is also extremely easy to plug in a substitute. The visual picture is always available and all it takes is a second to tell a worker, "This is where we are. This is where you fit in and what you need to do."

Having a project management tool like Merlin could prove to be invaluable to your business, even if your company is in another industry. The tools that we used in this example are just as valuable and easy to adapt to any project you may encounter.

Having a means to track your projects and anticipate the costs could be the most important part of keeping your company on the cutting edge.

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